our story

In September 2018, DeDe McGuire launched her non-profit organization, The Dede McGuire Foundation. DeDe has always supported non-profits that inspired and empowered women for success. One thing that DeDe noticed was that many women, especially in underserved communities, could not afford to continue or pursue a higher level of education because of personal hardships, becoming a new mother, financial hardships or other circumstances.

The DeDe McGuire Foundation creates stronger families and communities by strengthening the role of women and mothers by offering scholarships to women whose higher education was interrupted or derailed because of family, personal obligations or financial distress.

The Foundation’s primary goal is to assist low-income women and mothers furthering their education with financial means.  The DeDe McGuire Foundation helps women with a second chance to obtain a vocational, collegiate or university degree.

our partners

The success of the Foundation would not be possible without the help of our generous partners. We are grateful for their continued support and dedication to help us fulfill our mission.